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Here are a few images that I have ben looking at for inspiration.  I find them not only beautiful, but calming to the eye.  I’ve been craving this kind of visual reprieve.  










Okay-  I had a lot of fun making my first moss garden. I wanted to make another to give as a birthday gift to my friend Kathy, and thought it would be a chance to post a tutorial.  So, lets make it happen.


moss garden for Kath


Kath’s birthday garden.





What you’ll need:

Top: gravel, clean glass jar w/ lid,decorative elements.

Bottom: horticultural charcoal, potting soil,

long tweezers/tongs/scissors, spoon, & moss.

I harvested moss from my yard.  (Be considerate.

Don’t remove moss from the forest, or parks.)


1. Add gravel to bottom of  clean, dry jar.



2.  Sprinkle a thin layer of charcoal.


potting soil

3. Add potting soil over charcoal, 1/2 an inch or so.


light spray of water

4. Mist soil with water.


add moss

5. Gently press moss into place.  

decorative elements

6. Add decorative elements, here I’ve used colored

floral marbles and an agate I found at the coast.


almost finished

7. Water *, and add lid.   Place in a nice light spot.




*Limit watering, the humidity created when the lid is added will keep it moist for quite awhile.  If it looks dry, only add a small amount- not to exceed 1/4 “



Succulents are my favorite plants.  I’ve started a fine collection so far.  Each year I seem to find at least one I can’t live without.  

This is my latest pet.  


Crassula falcata, Zone 10, bright scarlet flower, 24″ x 18″  







 beautiful and strange- 

tiny buddha

small is beautiful.