I had some small journals printed and they have arrived.

I’m really happy with them-  I’ll have them for sale at my esty shop.

My Pets, and Birds at Rest
Mr. Owl




Our trip was fantastic.  Everyday we saw or experienced something truly wonderful.  My hope was to post as we traveled, but lack of accessible technology didn’t allow.  We started in Washington, visited Wendy and Lee in the Baltimore area then to Delaware to see Robert and Janet.   First Washington…

Washington DC

Visiting the Obama's New Digs

Visiting the Obamas.

Arlington Cemetery, Memorial Day 2009

The first day in DC included a trip to Arlington Cemetery.  It was Memorial Day-  there was so much to take in.  We found ourselves in line to board a tram, here we were informed that we would hear the President speak.

Arlington Cemetery

The crowd

Me! at Arlington, waiting for the President

The Band

Tomb of the Unknowns


Thousands of headstones




… overwhelming, so beautiful and only the first full day.

The Vietnam Memorial.

Vietnam Memorial

The Wall

The Wall

The Wall


The Wall

The WallThe Wall

The silence was deafening as we walked past thousands of personal objects, memorabilia, letters, and memorial decoration left for those who had fallen.  I was especially touched by the pieces that would only be understood by the person leaving it and the one whose name it was left under.

Monuments & Memorials

The Washington Monument

Washington Monument

WWI Memorial

Monroe Monument

Lincoln Memorial

Mr. Lincoln

World War II Memorial

WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial

WWII Memorial

For Dad

WWII Memorial

FDR Memorial


FDR Memorial

FDR Memorial


Ms. RooseveltFDR MEmorial


WPA Project Wall




The famous “Steps”

Stone House


The Old Stone House and Garden


One of Kennedy’s Home before moving to the White House

The National Sculpture Garden

Nat'l Sculpture Mall

Nat'l Sculpture Mall




Other cool Things…



Elvis jug at Folk Art Exhibit


Tin foil shrine seen at the American Museum


In the Botanical Garden, Native American Museum in back.

I feel like Alice.  My world has become very, very small.



mini gardens

small is beautiful


large moss terrarium

This garden, so far, has been the largest.  It  measures  around 20 inches tall.  



I will be creating a lovely, yet surreal,  installation at one of my most favorite places,  Flutter,  on Mississippi Ave.

Yesterday I purchased some wood panels.  In a previous post I suggested my artistic comfort zone consisted of a space of 5.5 inches.  In the spirit of  “growth” and bettering myself as a human, two are 12 x 12 inches (others are 8×10-  not square, oh my).  I’m looking forward to working with them.  I have many ideas waiting for a surface to land on.  I love that blank, pristine surface- that place where anything is possible.



wood panels

I’ve designed some new cards.  They are a new direction I’m exploring.  I have them available for sale in my shop.

owl w/ dots

underwater day dreamer's card set

underwater day dreamer's card set

underwater day dreamer's card set

deconstructed seed pod

another art piece-  I have this for sale on etsy.

In the last few days I was the recipient of a few fabulous cards!  A couple via post- one hand delivered.  


Such clever friends…

From Kath


from Andrea


from Liz

I thought it was time to include some recent paintings.  Theses are small works on wood using acrylic paint.  They are part  of an on going series titled the anatomy of stillness.  I love painting small &  in a square format.  I do think I will create some larger pieces to include in this series.  

(The owl painting is not included in the series- it just makes me smile inside a little…)


anatomy of stillness


anatomy of stillness


anatomy of stillness


owl 1

Here are a few images that I have ben looking at for inspiration.  I find them not only beautiful, but calming to the eye.  I’ve been craving this kind of visual reprieve.  









Okay-  I had a lot of fun making my first moss garden. I wanted to make another to give as a birthday gift to my friend Kathy, and thought it would be a chance to post a tutorial.  So, lets make it happen.


moss garden for Kath


Kath’s birthday garden.





What you’ll need:

Top: gravel, clean glass jar w/ lid,decorative elements.

Bottom: horticultural charcoal, potting soil,

long tweezers/tongs/scissors, spoon, & moss.

I harvested moss from my yard.  (Be considerate.

Don’t remove moss from the forest, or parks.)


1. Add gravel to bottom of  clean, dry jar.



2.  Sprinkle a thin layer of charcoal.


potting soil

3. Add potting soil over charcoal, 1/2 an inch or so.


light spray of water

4. Mist soil with water.


add moss

5. Gently press moss into place.  

decorative elements

6. Add decorative elements, here I’ve used colored

floral marbles and an agate I found at the coast.


almost finished

7. Water *, and add lid.   Place in a nice light spot.




*Limit watering, the humidity created when the lid is added will keep it moist for quite awhile.  If it looks dry, only add a small amount- not to exceed 1/4 “