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If you’re interested in unique Holiday gifts, I have some items in my shop that will fit the bill.


Come by and see me, I’ll have some sweet items for sale.


Come by and get some great gifts for the holidays, and help support the kids!

I’ll be there, with a variety of items for sale.

small forest

greeting card1

pocket journals

Here are a few things that I’ll have available!

New items!  (Lovingly  brought to you by Ciao Birdie)

magnets and buttons

Buttons and Magnets 1.25,  2.25 inches

On Saturday last, we made our way to Mt. Tabor to watch the 2009 Adult Soapbox Derby.  Crazy cars, wild costumes and a gnarly crash…  One spectator took the brunt of the hit (his nose did anyway).  Over all had a fun and got to hang out with our sweet friends.


tiger boys








Just got back from the wholesale gift show.  Wrote some orders.  I’m really excited that my work will be available at Fred Segal Zero Minus Plus.


I’m on my way to the LA Gift Show…  I’ll be meeting up with the kids from PICC!

 P I C C Artisans

I had some small journals printed and they have arrived.

I’m really happy with them-  I’ll have them for sale at my esty shop.

My Pets, and Birds at Rest
Mr. Owl



I feel like Alice.  My world has become very, very small.



mini gardens

small is beautiful


large moss terrarium

This garden, so far, has been the largest.  It  measures  around 20 inches tall.  



I will be creating a lovely, yet surreal,  installation at one of my most favorite places,  Flutter,  on Mississippi Ave.

Yesterday I purchased some wood panels.  In a previous post I suggested my artistic comfort zone consisted of a space of 5.5 inches.  In the spirit of  “growth” and bettering myself as a human, two are 12 x 12 inches (others are 8×10-  not square, oh my).  I’m looking forward to working with them.  I have many ideas waiting for a surface to land on.  I love that blank, pristine surface- that place where anything is possible.



wood panels